Street Poetry

Street Poetry
  • Album Info
  • 2007
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1. Hypermobile
2. Street Poetry
3. Fashion
4. Highwired
5. Power Of Persuasion
6. Teenage Revolution
7. Worth Your Weight in Gold
8. Transcendental Groove
9. This One’s For Rock’n’Roll
10. Power Trip
11. Walkin’ Away
12. Tootin’ Star
13. Fumblefoot and Busy Bee

Limited Edition:
14. Trouble Boys
15. Fashion (Music video + Making of)
16. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Live video)
17. Highschool (Live video)

Japanese Edition:
14. Selfdestruction Blues
15. Wordshaker

Street Poetry is the Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks’ seventh studio album. The album reached the top 10 on the Finnish charts, and succeeded very well elsewhere in Europe too. The first single spawned was “Fashion”, and the second was an internet-only single “This One’s For Rock’n’Roll”. The album’s release was celebrated at the Tavastia Club with three live shows, which were followed by a tour across Scandinavia, England and Japan.

The album’s title comes from a time when the original Hanoi Rocks were living in London. A drifter was living in the London Underground Ladbroke Grove-station, where he wrote poems of things he saw. He was called a “Street Poet”, and hence the title “Street Poetry”.

Some reviews said that the album was Hanoi Rocks’ first real rock record since the 80’s.