Another Hostile Takeover

Another Hostile Takeover
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Major Leidén Productions

1. Intro
2. Back In Yer Face
3. Insert I
4. Hurt
5. The Devil In You
6. Love
7. Talk To The Hand
8. Eternal Optimist
9. Insert II
10. No Compromise, No Regrets
11. Reggae Rocker
12. You Make the Earth Move
13. Insert III
14. Better High
15. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
16. Insert IV
17. Center Of My Universe

Japanese Edition:
18. Heaven Is Gonna Be Empty

Another Hostile Takeover is the seventh studio album by the Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks, released in 2005. This was the second album, of the “reborn” Hanoi Rocks of the new millennium. When it was released, critics praised the album, but fan reactions were mixed.