• Album Info
  • 1994
  • Embassy Productions

1. Begravelsesnatt (Burial Night)

2. Crushing the Scepter (Regaining a Lost Dominion)

3. Ritual

4. Drömmer om Död (Dreaming of Death)

5. Katharinas bortgang (Katharina’s Passing)

6. Huldrelokk

7. (Under) The Pagan Megalith

8. Maaneskyggens Slave (The Moon-Shadow’s Slave)

Pentagram is the debut studio album by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, released in September 1994 by Embassy Productions. It followed the band’s two demo cassettes, A Sorcery Written in Blood and Promo ’94. It was the only album to feature Samoth on bass and Goat Pervertor on drums.