• Album Info
  • 2000
  • Nuclear Blast

1. Selfproclaimed Messiah
2. Doom & Gloom
3. Long Snap to Zero
4. Courageous
5. Heartless
6. The Suffering
7. Scissorfight
8. Sonic Death Monkey
9. Sindustries
10. Funeral

Sindustries is the third album by Swedish melodic death metal band Gardenian. For a time, this was considered Gardenian’s last release, as the band broke up in 2004. However, they reunited in 2012 and are working towards a new album. The band’s past album, Soulburner, featured Eric Hawk, who did clean vocals, but producer Peter Tägtgren believed that this album did not need a guest clean vocalist, and encouraged Jim Kjell to the clean vocals this time as he had never done so. This is the first and last release with Kriss Albertsson performing. This album also has the band’s longest song, “Selfproclaimed Messiah”.