Funeral Mist - Salvation
  • Album Info
  • 2003
  • Norma Evangelium Diaboli

1. Agnus Dei
2. Breathing Wounds
3. Holy Poison
4. Sun of Hope
5. Perdition’s Light
6. Across the Qliphoth
7. Realm of Plagues
8. Circle of Eyes
9. Bread to Stone
10. In Manus Tuas

Funeral Mist‘ epoch-defining masterpiece Salvation broke new ground on its release in 2003. A blistering double album completely terrifying in its dedication to hate, Salvation curiously elevated Satanic worship into the realms of religion, with devotional lyrics talking of the transcendence of “devil-worship.” Whether you’re a convert or not, the pure sonics of Salvation are heart-attack-inducing. A complete barrage which only lets up for intense, brooding samples heralding the apocalypse, this is serious music. Deranged in its intensity, it’s hard to think of much else that comes close to this level of mad darkness.