• Album Info
  • 2018
  • Ranka Kustannus

1. Dance With The Devil
2. Obsession
3. Face Of Pain
4. Sick And Beautiful
5. Shame
6. Lie
7. We Dominate
8. The Last Call
9. Mindshifter
10. Ruin

“With their fifth album Metanoia, Fear of Domination cranks up a higher gear in everything – carrying a greater punch, groovier and wilder than before, the latest stage of their evolution reveals a band who are having the time of their lives. As multi-faceted as they are riveting in their delivery, Metanoia is literally what it says in the tin: a new mindset, a new form, yet still Fear of Domination in its core. Metanoia shamelessly flaunts the best assets of FoD, the singer duo’s dynamic performance with double the oomph in both clean and harsh parts not being the least of them. Add in the collective showmanship, and you’ve got yourself a freak show of the best kind, ready to wreak havoc near you.” (