Legacy of Heathens

Legacy of Heathens
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Worldchaos Production


1. Immortal Heroes
2. The Ancient Tale
3. Folk in the Golden Town
4. Broken Stone
5. Journey In The Woods
6. Swordmaster of the Dragonland
7. The Darkest Valleys of Myst
8. Burning The Gates
9. Black Crown

Legacy of Heathens is the first studio album by Finnish Folk metal band Falchion. The band featured Korpiklaani member Juho Kauppinen on vocals and guitar.

‘Folk in the Golden Town’ and ‘The Darkest Valleys of Mist’ are re-recorded versions of tracks with the same name originally from Falchion’s ‘Glory of the Sword’ demo.



Juho Kauppinen – vocals, lead & rhythm guitars
Jani Laine – rhythm & lead guitars
Seppo Tiaskorpi – bass
Teemu Peltonen – drums