A Velvet Creation

Eucharist-A Velvet Creation
  • Album Info
  • 1993
  • Wrong Again Records

1. Greeting Immortality
2. The Religion of the Blood-Red Velvet
3. March of Insurrection
4. My Bleeding Tears
5. Floating
6. A Velvet Creation
7. Into the Cosmic Sphere
8. Once My Eye Moved Mountains

A Velvet Creation is the debut album by Swedish melodic death metal band Eucharist, released in 1993 on Wrong Again Records.

Following the release of a few EP’s and demos, Eucharist would call it quits, however, Wrong Again records asked Eucharist to reform and sign a deal, releasing A Velvet Creation. The album cover was misprinted in the wrong color. Eucharist would split-up again following this release, with their band members joining already other established bands; Armageddon, In Flames and Arch Enemy.

A Velvet Creation was reissued in 2001 on Regain Records on both CD and vinyl. Remastered, with the addition of two tracks from the W.A.R. Music compilation; “Wounded and Alone” and “The Predictable End”. While the cover was printed in the correct color this time, vocalist Markus Johnsson’s name was misprinted as Marcus Johansson.