Below the Lights

  • Album Info
  • 2003
  • Osmose Productions
  1. As Fire Swept Clean The Earth
  2. The Dead Stare
  3. The Crossing
  4. Queen Of Night
  5. Havenless
  6. Ridicule Swarm
  7. A Darker Place


Below the Lights is the seventh full-length album by Norwegian metal band Enslaved.

Beyond it being their last full-length for production company Osmose (they would move to Candlelight for their next studio album), a few lineup changes would take place. This would be the last album Enslaved recorded with Dirge Rep on drums (he also co-wrote two songs). They would also enlist a full-time keyboardist in Herbrand Larsen (who helped engineer the record), bringing the band personnel from four to five.