Edge Of Sanity-Unorthodox
  • Album Info
  • 1992
  • Black Mark Production

1. The Unorthodox
2. Enigma
-The Blessing
-Celestial Dissension
-The Loss of Hallowed Life
3. Incipience to the Butchery
4. In the Veins/Darker than Black
5. Everlasting (Epidemic Reign Part III)
6. After Afterlife
7. Beyond the Unknown
8. Nocturnal
9. A Curfew for the Damned (…Blind Belief)
10. Cold Sun (Epidemic Reign Part IV)
11. The Day of Maturity
12. Requiscon by Page
13. Dead but Dreaming
14. When All Is Said

Unorthodox is the second full-length studio album by the Swedish death metal band Edge of Sanity. It was recorded in between December 1991 and January 1992 with Tomas Skogsberg and released by Black Mark Records on July 8, 1992. Dan Swanö has claimed that this is his favorite Edge of Sanity album, and even went as far as to call it “perfect”. Though primarily death metal, some tracks on this album foreshadow the shift to more melodic sounds which would take shape on 1993’s “The Spectral Sorrows”. This is also the first Edge of Sanity album (one of the first death metal albums) to feature clean vocals, which appear briefly in the track “Enigma”.