The Spectral Sorrows

Edge Of Sanity-The Spectral Sorrows
  • Album Info
  • 1993
  • Black Mark Production

1. The Spectral Sorrows
2. Darkday
3. Livin’ Hell
4. Lost
5. The Masque
6. Blood of My Enemies (Manowar cover)
7. Jesus Cries
8. Across the Fields of Forever
9. On the Other Side
10. Sacrificed
11. Waiting to Die
12. Feedin’ the Charlatan
13. A Serenade for the Dead

The Spectral Sorrows is the third full-length studio album by the Swedish death metal band, Edge of Sanity, recorded by Börje Forsberg in July–August 1993 and released by Black Mark Production in 1993. Unfortunately, the bassist, Anders Lindberg, could not record the album due to mandatory military service. This album begins Edge of Sanity’s progression from pure death metal to a more progressive and melodic death metal sound, with a greater focus on clean vocals than the album’s predecessor. One example of this progression is the track “Sacrificed”, which shows the band abandoning metal completely in favor of a cleanly-sung goth rock style.