Supervillain Outcast

Dødheimsgard-Supervillain Outcast
  • Album Info
  • 2007
  • Moonfog Productions

1. Dushman
2. Vendetta Assassin
3. The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of
4. Horrorizon
5. Foe x Foe
6. Secret Identity
7. The Vile Delinquents
8. Unaltered Beast
9. Apocalypticism
10. Chrome Balaclava
11. Ghostforce Soul Constrictor
12. All Is Not Self
13. Supervillain Serum
14. Cellar Door
15. 21st Century Devil

Supervillain Outcast is the fourth full-length album by Norwegian black metal band Dødheimsgard, now under the moniker DHG. It was released on March 26, 2007, by Moonfog Productions. It was their only release to feature Kvohst on vocals, who replaced Aldrahn after he left the band in 2004.

With this album, the band continues the avant-garde/black metal fusion sound they undertook on their previous album, 666 International; however, the industrial-esque style that was preponderant on 666 International is toned down in order to focus more on the electronic interludes, in a style closer to DHG’s EP Satanic Art (1998).

Carl-Michael Eide recorded the drums for the album prior to an accident that left his legs paralyzed.

A double-disc deluxe edition of Supervillain Outcast was released by Peaceville Records in 2012. The extra disc contained seven previously unreleased instrumental tracks; “Senseoffender” is an outtake from the album, and the following six tracks are from a 2003 rehearsal.

The track “Ghostforce Soul Constrictor” was the last track former member Aldrahn wrote during his period in DHG. He briefly returns on this album, providing additional vocals for the tracks “Foe vs. Foe” and “Ghostforce Soul Constrictor”.