Massive Killing Capacity

Dismember-Massive Killing Capacity
  • Album Info
  • Dismember
  • 1995
  • Nuclear Blast

Tracks on Massive Killing Capacity

1. I Saw Them Die
2. Massive Killing Capacity
3. On Frozen Fields
4. Crime Divine
5. To the Bone
6. Wardead
7. Hallucigenia
8. Collection by Blood
9. Casket Garden
10. Nenia
11. Life – Another Shape of Sorrow
12. “Justifiable Homicide”
13. “Collection of Blood” (Demo)
14. “Life – Another Shape of Sorrow” (Demo)
15. “On Frozen Fields/Shadowslands” (Demo)

Massive Killing Capacity is the third album by Dismember. It was re-released by Regain Records in 2005. A music video was made for the track “Casket Garden”.

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