If You’re Looking for Trouble

Disgrace-If You're Looking For Trouble
  • Album Info
  • 1998
  • Metamorphos Records

1. Psyche Rodeo
2. The Supremes
3. Deadbeat
4. Cut It Off
5. Tequila Desert
6. Speed It Up
7. Grey Hound
8. Rock n’ Roll
9. Explore / Explode
10. “Roadkill” Theme

If You’re Looking For Trouble is the third full-length album by Finnish rock band Disgrace, released in 1998 on Metamorphos Records. Disgrace had released their previous album, Superhuman Dome on Morbid Records, however, Morbid Records was more interested in releasing metal records, and Disgrace was on the market for a new record label, eventually settling with Metamorphos Records.