The Phantom Lodge

Diabolical Masquerade-The Phantom Lodge
  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Adipocere Records

1. Astray Within the Coffinwood Mill
2. The Puzzling Constellation of a Deathrune
3. Ravenclaw
4. The Walk of the Hunchbacked
5. Cloaked by the Moonshine Mist
6. Across the Open Vault and Away…
7. Hater
8. The Blazing Demondome of Murmurs and Secrecy
9. Upon the Salty Wall of the Broody Gargoyle

The Phantom Lodge is the second studio album by the Swedish black metal Diabolical Masquerade.  Dan Swanö played a much smaller part on this album than previously, doing heavy metal vocals on “Hater” only and assisting Blakkheim in producing. However, there were a few guest appearances.