Swallow the Snake

Desultory-Swallow the Snake
  • Album Info
  • 1996
  • Metal Blade Records

1. Mushroom Smile
2. The Bitter Man
3. Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow
4. Swallow the Snake
5. In My Veins
6. Blizzard in My Blood
7. Zone Traveller
8. Beneath
9. King of the Valley and the Western Sky
10. Nothing Dies
11. Silent Suffering

Swallow The Snake is the third full-length album by Swedish death metal band Desultory, released in 1996 on Metal Blade Records. Following the departure of Stefan Pöge, the band changed styles; Swallow The Snake is a more rock-oriented album likened to bands like Soundgarden, as opposed to the previous two albums with the traditional Swedish death metal sound. This album would go on to receive terrible reviews and would lead to Metal Blade Records dropping Desultory. The band would disappear from the scene, with three members of this album continuing in this style, naming themselves Zebulon.