Sardonic Wrath

Darkthrone - Sardonic Wrath
  • Album Info
  • 2004
  • Moonfog

1. Order of the Ominous

2. Information Wants to Be Syndicated

3. Sjakk matt Jesu Krist (“Checkmate Jesus Christ”)

4. Straightening Sharks in Heaven

5. Alle gegen alle (“All Against All”)

6. Man tenker sitt (“You Have Your Thoughts”)

7. Sacrificing to the God of Doubt

8. Hate Is the Law

9. Rawness Obsolete

Sardonic Wrath is the 10th album by the Norwegian black metal band, Darkthrone. It was released by Moonfog Productions in 2004, and was the band’s last album on that record label. Although punk influences were already apparent, it would be Darkthrone‘s last album recorded solely in the black metal style. Their subsequent albums featured much stronger punk traits.