Layers of Lies

Darkane-Layers of Lies
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Nuclear Blast

1. Amnesia of the Wildoerian Apocalypse
2. Secondary Effects
3. Organic Canvas
4. Fading Dimensions
5. Layers of Lies
6. Godforsaken Universe
7. Klastrophobic Hibernation
8. Vision of Degradation
9. Contaminated
10. Maelstrom Crisis
11. Decadent Messiah
12. The Creation Insane

Layers of Lies is the fourth album from Swedish melodic death metal band Darkane, issued on June 27, 2005.

The release of this album took sometime since the last album because Peter Wildoer suffered a severe hand injury in 2003 which left him uncertain whether he would drum again, but miraculously, a year later recovered. Along with that Wildoer became busy with Christofer Malmström’s new project at the time, Non-Human Level.

This was the last album to feature vocalist Andreas Sydow who left in 2007.