• Album Info
  • 2013
  • Century Media
  1. For Broken Words
  2. The Science Of Noise
  3. Uniformity
  4. The Silence In Between
  5. Apathetic
  6. What Only You Know
  7. Endtime Hearts
  8. State Of Trust
  9. Weight Of The End
  10. None Becoming
  11. Immemorial
  12. Photon Dreams


Construct is the tenth full-length studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. It was released on 27 May 2013 through Century Media Records. A music video for “Uniformity”, directed by Patric Ullaeus, was released on 10 May 2013. The album was written during what the band described as their “darkest period” and drew critical praise for its melodrama and darkness.

Construct would be the band’s last studio album with founding member guitarist Martin Henriksson as he left the band in early 2016 due to loss of passion for playing music