Reality Illusion

Damnation Plan - Reality Illusion
  • Album Info
  • 2017
  • Inverse Records

1. Intro
2. Beyond These Walls
3. Rulers of Truth
4. Rise of the Messenger
5. Blinded Faith
6. The Empowerment
7. Maze of Despair
8. Iron Curtain Falls
9. Reality Illusion
10. A Chapter in Greed
11. The Final Destination
12. Don’t Talk to Strangers (Dio cover)


“Reality Illusion” is DAMNATION PLAN‘s yet most ambitious and diverse piece of work turning the notch up to eleven from the band’s debut album from all the aspects. The band wanted to create a tighter album in terms of tempos, and a more catchy, and melody oriented album especially in terms of lead guitars and vocals.

Drummer/songwriter/lyricist Jarkko Lunnas comments:

“Creating this album took us 2+ years of hard work, driving me and some of us almost insane during the process of recording the album almost entirely ourselves. It was a massive task but I believe it served the end result well!

The album deals with separating the truth from the beliefs and seeing it (or not seeing it) through the different bubbles that we’ve learned to live in our stable and modern societies. We are estranged from the reality until we are forced to face it.

The album delivers the message covering a whole spectrum of feelings from an atmospheric and emotional perspective, all the way to the maximal intensity.”