Call of the Wild

D-A_D - Call of the Wild
  • Album Info
  • 1986
  • Edel Mega Records

1. Land Of Their Choice
2. Call Of The Wild
3. Riding With Sue
4. Marlboro Man
5. Counting The Cattle
6. Jackie O’
7. Trucker
8. Rock River
9. Jonnie
10. Son Of A Gun
11. It’s After Dark


Call of the Wild is the first album by Danish rock band D-A-D. The album was released on February 4, 1986.

The album has been received with mixed reviews. The genre of the album is more country than the hard rock of their later albums. The two tracks “Marlboro Man” and “It’s After Dark” are sometimes still played at their concerts, and can also be found on some of their live albums.