In Distortion We Trust

Crucified Barbara
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • GMR Music Group

1. Play Me Hard

2. In Distortion We Trust

3. Losing the Game

4. Motorfucker

5. I Need a Cowboy from Hell

6. My Heart Is Black

7. Hide ‘Em All

8. Going Down

9. I Wet Myself

10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Bachelor

11. Bad Hangover

12. My Heart Is Black” (Acoustic)

13. Killed By Death (Motörhead cover)

14. Shout It Out Loud” (Kiss cover)


In Distortion We Trust is the first album by Swedish band Crucified Barbara. It was first released in Sweden in 2005.

It was recorded in PAMA Studios/Blakk Records in Kristianopel in Sweden and produced and engineered by Mankan Sedenberg. The recordings were finished, mixed and mastered at the beginning of summer. The first single, “Losing the Game,” and the accompanying video were released in December.