CMX - Vainajala
  • Album Info
  • 1998
  • Herodes, EMI

1. Iskusävelmä
2. Surunmurhaaja
3. Vainajala
4. Vierasta viljaa
5. Ei yksikään
6. Taivaan lapset
7. Sillanrakentaja
8. Laulu palavasta linnusta
9. Eufrat
10. Kirjeitä paratiisista
11. Arkangeli
12. Vanha talvitie


Vainajala is an album by the Finnish rock group CMX. It was released in October 1998. Vainaja is Finnish for a dead person, Vainajala meaning a name of a place inhabited by the dead.

The style that Vainajala was produced was highly exceptional: The band went to a small cottage in the middle of Lapland with mobile recording equipment and producer Billy Gould, who had previously shown interest in the band largely unknown outside Finland. Recording Vainajala took only two weeks, much less than the recording time for any of their other recent albums. The album was later finished at the Herodes studio in Helsinki, but the musical style of the album is still very minimalistic. Only a few visiting artists performed on the album.