A Whole Lot of Nothing

Clawfinger - a whole lot of nothing
  • Album Info
  • 2001
  • Supersonic Records

1. Two Steps Away
2. Out To Get Me
3. Nothing Going On
4. Are You Man Enough?
5. Confrontation
6. Evolution
7. Don’t Look At Me
8. Simon Says
9. Burn In Hell
10. I Close My Eyes
11. Fool In Paradise
12. Revenge
13. Vienna


A Whole Lot of Nothing is the fourth studio album by Swedish group Clawfinger, released on 23 July 2001 through Supersonic Records label.

The music uses the same aggressive guitar sounds, with more distortion effects, adding a whole new level of diversification. The synthesizers are more present than on any of Clawfinger’s other works.

A Whole Lot of Nothing contains thirteen tracks and two bonus tracks on the limited edition. Clawfinger also released four singles, two of which are limited editions.