I Worship Chaos

  • Album Info
  • 2015
  • Nuclear Blast
  1. I Hurt
  2. My Bodom (I Am The Only One)
  3. Morrigan
  4. Horns
  5. Prayer For The Afflicted
  6. I Worship Chaos
  7. Hold Your Tongue
  8. Suicide Bomber
  9. All For Nothing
  10. Widdershins


I Worship Chaos is the ninth studio album by Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom. It was released on October 2, 2015. It is the first album since 2003’s Hate Crew Deathroll not to feature guitarist Roope Latvala due to his departure from the band in May 2015, making this the band’s first album as a four-piece group with Alexi Laiho handling all guitar duties.

For the first time, the band did not use a commercial recording studio. Instead they opted to use a converted warehouse to enhance the ambiance of the sound. 

In this album, the band used drop B tuning on most of the album and D-flat tuning on the songs “Hold Your Tongue” and “Suicide Bomber” instead of drop C tuning and D standard used on previous albums. This also makes this the first album since Something Wild to use D-flat tuning.