The Beast Divine

Cemetary-The Beast Divine
  • Album Info
  • 2000
  • Century Media Records

1. The Lightning / Firewire
2. Union of the Rats
3. Silicon Karma (It Just Can’t Stay the Same)
4. AntiChrist 3000
5. The Carrier
6. Linking Shadows
7. Sunset Grace (Let-Me-Die-Alone)
8. Dead Boy Wonder
9. Empire of the Divine
10. Anthem Apocalypse

The Beast Divine was released in 2000 by Cemetary under the name Cemetary 1213. Following the breakup of Sundown, Cemetary was reformed, as sorts,  as Cemetary 1213. This was possibly due to legal issues, but it meant to bring about a rebirth to the band, instead of simply reforming. However, following the union of Cemetary 1213, Cemetary was reformed.