Strange Old Brew

Carpathian Forest-Strange Old Brew
  • Album Info
  • 2000
  • Avantgarde Music

1. Intro – Damnation Chant
2. Bloodcleansing
3. Mask of the Slave
4. Martyr / Sacrificulum
5. Thanatology
6. The Suicide Song
7. House of the Whipcord
8. Cloak of Midnight
9. Return of the Freezing Winds
10. Theme from Nekromantikk
11. The Good Old Enema Treatment
12. He’s Turning Blue

Strange Old Brew is the second studio album by Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest. It was released on November 6, 2000, through Avantgarde Music. It was re-released under digipak format in 2007 by Peaceville Records, containing an extra track. Contrasting with the previous Carpathian Forest releases, the sonority of Strange Old Brew is their most experimental one so far, mixing black metal with jazz interludes. It was their first release with Anders Kobro and Tchort in the band’s line-up.

The track “Theme from Nekromantikk” (sic) is a cover of the opening theme of the controversial 1987 horror movie Nekromantik, directed by Jörg Buttgereit.

The track “Return of the Freezing Winds” is one of the first tracks of Carpathian Forest’s repertoire, being present already in their first demo tapes, Rehearsal Outtake and Bloodlust and Perversion.