Dark Recollections

Carnage-Dark Recollections
  • Album Info
  • 1990
  • Necrosis Records

1. Dark Recollections
2. Torn Apart
3. Blasphemies of the Flesh
4. Infestation of Evil
5. Gentle Exhuming
6. Deranged from Blood
7. Malignant Epitaph
8. Self Dissection
9. Death Evocation
10. Outro

Dark Recollections is the only album by the cult death metal band, Carnage, released in 1990. It was originally released as a split CD with Cadaver’s debut album Hallucinating Anxiety on the Earache Records sublabel Necrosis. Some of the songs were later re-recorded by Dismember. The band had broken up by the time the album hit the streets. It was later reissued by Earache Records with 8 additional tracks, taken from the demos for The Day Man Lost and Infestation of Evil.

“Deranged From Blood”, “Death Evocation”, “Blasphemies Of The Flesh” and “Self Dissection” previously appeared on Dismember demos circa 1988–1989, before Fred Estby and David Blomqvist joined Carnage. Dismember also officially recorded “Death Evocation” (a bonus track on reissues of Like an Ever Flowing Stream) and “Torn Apart” (on the Pieces EP).