• Album Info
  • 2015
  • Frontiers

Stormcrow is the second album by Finnish power metal supergroup Cain’s Offering, released on 15 May 2015. It is their first album with keyboardist Jens Johansson (Stratovarius, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and bassist Jonas Kuhlberg. The first song to be made available was the title-track, stremaed from 22 April on. Eight days later, the band streamed “The Best of Times”.

Guitarist and main songwriter Jani Liimatainen said he was approached a few years before about the possibility of a second Cain’s Offering album, but at that time he was unavailable. When the subject came into consideration again in 2014, he decided to give it a try since he had more time.

Drummer Jani Hurula described it as “majestic and humongous” and also said the album songs “are more concentrated and have more meat around them, […] Just the way we like them. The production was also exactly what each of us wanted it to be this time around.” The title of the album, according to him, fits the band “perfectly. [..] The underdogs are back with a vengeance!”. Hurula also said the band is going to shoot a video for the album and they are also willing to tour, but he gave no further details. Liimatainen also expressed his wish to tour and shoot a video, but he depends on his band mates schedules.

  1. “Stormcrow”
  2. “The Best of Times”
  3. “A Night to Forget”
  4. “I Will Build You a Rome”
  5. “Too Tired to Run”
  6. “Constellation of Tears”
  7. “Antemortem”
  8. “My Heart Beats for No One”
  9. “I Am Legion”
  10. “Rising Sun”
  11. “On the Shore”