The Olden Domain

Borknagar-The Olden Domain
  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Century Media Records

1. The Eye of Oden
2. The Winterway
3. Om hundrede aar er alting glemt
4. A Tale of Pagan Tongue
5. To Mount and Rove
6. Grimland Domain
7. Ascension of Our Fathers
8. The Dawn of the End

The Olden Domain is the second studio album by the Norwegian band Borknagar, and their first to feature English lyrics. It also marks the beginning of the band’s transition to its trademark progressive/folk/black metal sound featured on later records.

This would be the band’s last studio album to feature Kristoffer Rygg on vocals. It is also their first album to feature Kai K. Lie on bass, replacing Infernus.