Grand Morbid Funeral

Bloodbath-Grand Morbid Funeral
  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Peaceville Records

1. Let the Stillborn Come to Me
2. Total Death Exhumed
3. Anne
4. Church of Vastitas
5. Famine of God’s Word
6. Mental Abortion
7. Beyond Cremation
8. His Infernal Necropsy
9. Unite in Pain
10. My Torturer
11. Grand Morbid Funeral

Grand Morbid Funeral is the fourth studio album by Swedish death metal band Bloodbath. It was released by Peaceville Records on November 17, 2014.

Grand Morbid Funeral was recorded in 2014 at Ghost Ward and City of Glass in Stockholm, Sweden and self-produced by the band. This is the first Bloodbath album to feature vocalist Nick Holmes from UK metal band Paradise Lost after Mikael Ã…kerfeldt of Opeth left, having lost interest in performing death metal. Anders “Blakkheim” Nystrom of the band states that the album is “destructive, raw, heavy, organic and sludgy death metal.”

The album features guest appearances from Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler from death metal band Autopsy.

Blabbermouth described the “unapologetic fury” of Grand Morbid Funeral and stated that the album “brings the same old-school, brutalized death metal Bloodbath has been hailed for”. MetalSucks commented that new singer “Holmes’ voice is just the worm-gut-strewn axe-to-the-skull this music needs” and stated that “if you’ve spent most of 2014 waiting around to get leveled by a death metal record with a little legacy heft, you might want to get out there and snatch up the new Bloodbath“. The review in Exclaim! stated that “Bloodbath have upped the brutality ante with Grand Morbid Funeral” and claimed that Holmes has “surpassed expectations with powerful and sinister throat-gurgling delivery”.