The Devil’s Hall of Fame

Beyond Twilight - The Devil's Hall of Fame
  • Album Info
  • 2001
  • Massacre Records

1. Hellfire
2. Godless Wicked
3. Shadowland
4. The Devil’s Waltz
5.  Crying
6. The Devil’s Hall Of Fame
7. Closing The Circle
8. Perfect Dark


The Devil’s Hall of Fame is the first studio album by Danish progressive metal band Beyond Twilight. Released July 23, 2001.

The album has many of the band’s characteristic elements such as complex arrangements and dramatic dark multi-layers and was written mostly by the band’s mastermind, Finn Zierler. The album showcases the elements which would become characteristic of Beyond Twilight’s unique sound, namely a very atmospheric, heavy progressive sound.

On release, the album was met with good reviews from fans and critics. It’s their only album featuring Norwegian singer Jørn Lande.