Deathstar Rising

Before The Dawn - Deathstar Rising
  • Album Info
  • 2011
  • Nuclear Blast

1. The First Snow
2. Winter Within
3. Deathstar
4. Remembrance
5. Unbroken
6. Judgement
7. The Wake
8. Sanctuary
9. Butterfly Effect
10. Wreith

The band’s sixth CD marks another milestone, as Deathstar Rising was released 25 February 2011, by Nuclear Blast in Europe (3 May 2011 is the release date for the USA). Once again, reviews were excellent, and many magazines gave top and even maximum ratings. The album made it straight to Finnish Top 10 (#8); the song “Judgement” is listed at Gotherica’s Global Gothic Charts among the “Top 20 Gothic & Alternative Songs of February 2011” (#20).

In June 2011 it was announced that with mutual decision, Lars Eikind and Atte Palokangas left the band after the gig at Nummirock festival on 25 June. Lars left due to personal reasons and Atte purely musical.