Before The Dawn - Deadlight
  • Album Info
  • 2007
  • Stay Heavy

1. Wrath
2. Faithless
3. Fear Me
4. Eternal
5. Morning Sun
6. Deadsong
7. Guardian
8. Star of Fire
9. Reign of Fire
10. …

Before the Dawn joined Stay Heavy Records for the release of their fourth album. This was a turning point in the history of the band, although also this time Tuomas was forced to play all instruments himself: “We had to fire the drummer after one week … And then also our second guitarist was too busy with his other band recording, so I played all the guitars. So on the album it is only me and Lars.”

Additional musicians on Deadlight are Juho Räihä (guitar solo on “Fear Me”) and Katja Vauhkonen (female vocals on “Star of Fire” and “…”). Juho, who produced the Dawn of Solace album The Darkness, also produced this CD. Deadlight came out on 4 April 2007, featuring the band’s major hit “Deadsong”, which became a staple of every live show to the present day. “Deadsong” (released as a single on 14 February 2007)[31] went straight to #2 on Finnish Top 20 charts; for four months it remained among the Top 20 of Finnish Radio Rock. The second single “Faithless” (released 27 June 2007) also entered Finland’s Top 20 at #2.

Deadlight received excellent reviews in Finland and abroad. “Deadsong” is named as #38 of Gothicera’s “Top 50 Gothic & Alternative Songs of 2007”.

Shortly after the album release, Dani Miettinen returned to the band.