The Return……

Bathory - The Return Of The Darkness And Evil
  • Album Info
  • 1985
  • Black Mark/Tyfon

1. Revelation of Doom (Intro)
2. Total Destruction
3. Born for Burning
4. The Wind of Mayhem
5. Bestial Lust (Bitch)
6. Possessed
7. The Rite of Darkness
8. Reap of Evil
9. Son of the Damned
10. Sadist (Tormentor)
11. The Return of the Darkness and Evil
12. Outro

The Return…… (full title The Return of the Darkness and Evil) is the second studio album by Swedish extreme metal band Bathory. It was released on vinyl on 27 May 1985, through Combat Records in the US. The Return…… had a significant influence on the then-emerging death metal and black metal genres.