Crossing the Rubicon (Revisited)

Armageddon-Crossing the Rubicon (Revisited)
  • Album Info
  • 2016
  • Listenable Records

1. 2022
2. Godforsaken
3. The Juggernaut Divine
4. Astral Adventure (The Escape)
5. Funeral in Space
6. Asteroid Dominion
7. Galaxies Away
8. Faithless
9. Children of the New Sun
10. Into the Sun
11. Nothing Is Nothing

Crossing the Rubicon (Revisited) is the re-recording of the debut album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Armageddon, and released by Listenable Records. This is the first album with the band to feature ex-Nightrage vocalist Antony Hämäläinen.