War Eternal

  • Album Info
  • 2014
  • Century Media, Savage Messiah Music
1.”Tempore nihil sanat (Prelude in F Minor)” (Prelude)
2. “Never Forgive, Never Forget”
3. “War Eternal”
4. “As the Pages Burn”
5. “No More Regrets”
6. “You Will Know My Name”
7. “Graveyard of Dreams” (Interlude)
8. “Stolen Life”
9. “Time Is Black”
10. “On and On”
11. “Avalanche”
12. “Down to Nothing”
13. “Not Long for This World” (Occlude)
14. “Shadows On The Wall”


War Eternal is the ninth studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, which was released on June 9, 2014 by Century Media. It is the first Arch Enemy album in 13 years since Wages of Sin to feature a new line-up; Alissa White-Gluz took over on vocals after former long-time vocalist Angela Gossow stepped down from vocal duties to be the band’s business manager. Additionally, ex-Arsis guitarist Nick Cordle replaced Christopher Amott in 2012. Cordle ultimately left the band just before their European tour and was replaced by former Nevermore Guitarist Jeff Loomis.