The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts

...And Oceans-The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts
  • Album Info
  • And Oceans
  • 1998
  • Season Of Mist

Tracks on The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts

1. Trollfan
2. The Room of Thousand Arts
3. Som öppna böcker
4. Je te connais beau masque
5. Mikrobotik Fields / Ur åldrig saga och sång
6. Samtal med tankar – Halo of Words
7. September (När hjärtat blöder)
8. Kärsimyksien vaaleat kädet

The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts is the debut album by Finnish industrial metal band …And Oceans released in 1998 on Season Of Mist records. For this album, …And Oceans would play in a more symphonic black metal vein. 

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