The Cainian Chronicle

Ancient-The Cainian Chronicle
  • Album Info
  • 1996
  • Metal Blade Records

1. Ponderous Moonlighting
2. The Cainian Chronicle, Part I: The Curse
3. The Cainian Chronicle, Part II: Lilith’s Embrace
4. The Cainian Chronicle, Part III & IV: Discipline of Caine / Zillah and the Crone
5. At the Infernal Portal (Canto III)
6. Cry of Mariamne
7. Prophecy of Gehenna
8. Song of Kaiaphas
9. Exu
10. The Pagan Cycle
11. Homage to Pan

The Cainian Chronicle is Ancient’s second full length release. On another note, the album’s length is 66 minutes and six seconds long.

The concept of the first part of the record (tracks 1-4) is a retelling of the fall of Cain, based not on the traditional Biblical tale, rather on the supplement The Book of Nod of the Vampire: the Masquerade roleplaying game; the first son of Adam and Eve, and first murderer. It chronicles his casting out, his relations with the demon angel Lilith and the leading to the procreation of their children, the Disciplines of Cain. The three part opus corresponds to three parts of The Book of Nod. “At the Infernal Portal” contains lines from Dante’s Divine Comedy, and the rest of the album is based on traditional Paganism.