Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends

Ancient-Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends
  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Metal Blade Records

1. Malkavian Twilight
2. A Mad Blood Scenario
3. The Draining
4. Um Sonho Psycodelico
5. Sleeping Princess of the Arges
6. Her Northern Majesty
7. Blackeyes
8. The Emerald Tablet
9. Willothewisp
10. Neptune
11. 5
12. Hecate, My Love and Lust
13. Vampirize Natasha
14. Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate cover)

Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends is Ancient’s third full-length release. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Cue Recording Studios, Falls Church, Virginia during September 1997.

This album hearkens a rather drastic change of musical focus for the group, into a more melodic/gothic-oriented approach with an influx of clean/female singing, slower tempos and majestic stringed instruments, though much of the group’s original black metal roots are still present. Song/lyrical topics also moved in a new direction, particularly with topics about vampires/vampirism. This has led to a strong backlash from fans and critics.