Show Your Colors

Amoral - Show your colors (Spinefarm Records 2009)
  • Album Info
  • 2009
  • Spinefarm Records / Fontana International / Avalon / Fono Records

“Show Your Colors” is the fourth studio album by Finnish metal band AMORAL. It was released by Spinefarm Records on May 6, 2009.

AMORAL‘s fourth studio album was announced in November 2008 when the band announced Ari Koivunen as their new frontman. The album was also the debut of bassist Pekka Johansson.

On January 21, their first single “Year of the Suckerpunch” was put up the band’s MySpace account. At the first single and also at the total album, AMORAL replaced the previous growling vocals with clean vocals and big choruses. “Year of the Suckerpunch” was on the Finnish national radio Ylex‘s playlist with the highest hopes of receiving song of the year for 2009. “Show Your Colors” has also been released in Great Britain (on May 11, 2009), Germany (May 22), USA (June 9), Canada (June 9) and Japan (July 22). The album was ranked by public voting as the fifth best domestic metal album at the Finnish Metal Awards 2009.