In Sequence

Amoral - In Sequence
  • Album Info
  • 2016
  • Imperial Cassette / Ward Records

“In Sequence” is the seventh album of Finnish metal band AMORAL. It became the last album of the band, since they disbanded in 2017.

The band started the pre-production in April 2014 and the studio work started 13 February 2015. March 26, 2015 the band announced Niko Kallioj√§rvi‘s return to the band, both as the third guitarist and for singing growling vocals. AMORAL performed at the end of June 2015 at Tuska after party in Helsinki, where they played the song “Rude Awakening“.

The album was released in Japan January 29, 2016 through Ward Records, and globally on February 5, 2016 through Imperial Cassette (Gordeon Music, GSA / Nightmare Records, North America).

“In Sequence” continued the progressive metal style of Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows but heavier. Beside the 6 members there are also some quest musicians featuring in the album, as percussionist Teho Majam√§ki, Indica singer Jonsu and Amine Benotmane from Acyl.

The first single “Rude Awakening” was published in December 2015 on Youtube and the second one “The Next One To Go” in January 2016. The album ranked 29 in the official Finnish charts.