Path of Fire

Aeon-Path Of Fire
  • Album Info
  • 2010
  • Metal Blade Records

1. Forgiveness Denied
2. Kill Them All
3. Inheritance
4. Abomination to God
5. Total Kristus Inversus
6. Of Fire
7. I Will Burn
8. Suffer the Soul
9. The Sacrament
10. Liar in the Name of God
11. God of War

Path of Fire is the third studio album by the Swedish band Aeon. It was released on 21/24 May in Europe and 25 May in the U.S. via Metal Blade Records.

As former bassist Max Carlberg had left Aeon at the time of the album recording and studio sessions had already been booked, preventing replacement bassist Victor Brandt from learning the songs in time, the bass on Path of Fire is handled by Aeon’s guitarists Zeb Nilsson and Daniel Dlimi.

Guitarist and the graphic artist of Aeon, Daniel Dlimi, commented the cover art: “I created this symbol/badge that for me reflects life, death and the path you have chosen to live your life by. It’s about whatever you want to chain yourself to 10 commandments or live free after your own conscience and will.”

On April 19th, Aeon posted “Kill Them All” for streaming online and Nilsson commented: “This is kind of funny, ’cause I actually dreamt that we were performing this song live and it sounded so cool that I had to start working on it the day after I had the dream. Of course, all the details in it were not in my dream, but the whole concept and idea behind how it was gonna sound was all very realistic. This is a very fast song and it is easy to catch I think. It has some really heavy parts too, and the leads on it ended up really cool too. I think this song will be a good first sample of this album!”

In June, Aeon released a music video for “Forgiveness Denied”.