Revelations of the Black Flame

  • Album Info
  • 2009
  • Candlelight Records

1. Invocation

2. Serpentine Sibilance

3. Horns

4. Maggot Fetus… Teeth like Thorns

5. Misanthropy

6. Uncreation

7. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Pink Floyd cover)

8. Solitude

9. At the Gate…

Revelations of the Black Flame is the fourth studio album by Norwegian black metal band 1349.

The studio sessions took place during December 2008 in a woodland studio in Bøverbru (a village in the Toten region of Norway). 1349 mixed the album in January 2009.The album was co-mixed by Tom Gabriel Fischer. This marked the first and as yet, only experimental album by the band, as they almost completely abandoned their earlier old school black metal style, instead making use of irregular song structures and more progressive ideas. The album also contains a variety of dark ambient compositions spread throughout. After this release, the band would return to their previous, more straight-forward style.